Sharon L. Phillips AP DOM - Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine   863 602-5581
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Sharon L. Phillips

Acupuncture Physician,

Doctor Oriental Medicine (AP1928)

Gov. Rick Scott Appointee: Florida Board of Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Educator, Ridge Career Center,
A Polk County Florida Public School -
Licensed Massage Therapist (MA27578)
Her health care philosophy is patient centered and patient driven.  Sharon believes in providing the least invasive, natural treatments possible, which include herbal and nutritional approaches.  "The patient is ultimately responsible for their own healing.  I'm a facilitator", she says.
She has been a resident of Polk County since 1996 after "crossing the county line" from Hillsborough County where she grew up and in turn raised her own family.
DOM Phillips' advanced degrees are:
  • Master of Oriental Medicine, Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Orlando
  • Bachelor of Professional Health Studies, Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Orlando
  • Clinical Nutrition studies in progress with the University of Miami College of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Graduate Student of Dr. Zhi Liang Huo
  • Ridge Career Center, Polk County, certificates in Massage Therapy and Facial Specialty.
  • Bachelor of Science Marketing and Distributive Vocational Education, USF, Tampa
"In 1999, I was tired of taking drugs for pain, but I took them because my doctor said I should. I endured a year of physical therapy, only to be told by my Western trained Physical Medicine Specialist that I had reached "maximum medical improvement" and had to endure the pain I experienced daily.
I asked my Physical Medicine Specialist if she thought Acupuncture might help my pain. Without hesitating, she said acupuncture wouldn't work "so don't bother".
It was that snap judgment that lead me to the nearest school of acupuncture for a treatment in their clinic. With that first treatment my pain was reduced. At last I had the hope of not suffering chronic debilitating pain for the rest of my life.
To make a long story short I enrolled in that acupuncture school and graduated from the National College of Oriental Medicine (now known as the Florida College of Integrative Medicine). I wanted to offer to others another path to wellness which was not initially offered to me."
Sharon L. Phillips LMT DOM
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