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Dying to Care
Ridge Career Center Massage Therapy Program
The new year is gone now what?
"That's Important to Me" by Joey and Rory
The Basic and Simple Life


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That's Important to me" by Joey and Rory

Dying to Care

We need each other.  Isolation is insidious.  It is a big dark shadow that falls cold over your shoulders.  

We get in our cars alone, go shopping alone, do any number of errands alone, worship alone, and are cloistered caring for our loved ones alone.    Our children, or neighbors or even our church brothers and sisters call us for brief chats on the telephone. They mean well but they really don't know what your life is like -this caregivers life.  As soon as we hang up the dark shadow returns.

Ridge Career Center Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy Program

We have a new class beginning January 29, 2015.  Registration is underway now. 

The new year is gone now what?

Resolutions are for January.  Habits are for February through December.  How successful have you been this year managing your New Year's resolutions.  It's not too late!  Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help create healthy habits.
November 1, 2013
So what have your resolutions gotten you?  I bet you're making new resolutions right now not to over eat during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The fact that you are saying these things to yourself yet again proves they haven't worked, as yet.

"That's Important to Me" by Joey and Rory

Things are simply becoming too complicated.  Life is fast and getting faster.  People press us for our time, which seems in ever limited supply.
We can un-complicate, slow down and have time for everything if we will just remember what is really important to us.  Joey and Rory sing their song "That's Important to Me" which begs the question, "What is important to me?" 
Well certainly loved ones are important, so I give them undivided attention.

The Basic and Simple Life

Often people have said it may be best if we just get back to the basics, make life simple again.  The problem is we don't know what the simple life looks like.  What are the basics? 
Once someone told me she only made her biscuits from scratch.  Another in our group wanted to know where to buy "scratch", because she had never seen it on store shelves! 
Making things from scratch is getting back to basics, but may not fit our definition of the simple life.

Dying to Care

Does it seem like things are unraveling?  The pressures of daily life seem to be mounting even as we stand still.  Parents care for children, grandchildren and their own parents within multigeneraltional households. 
These multigeneraltional families are the norm throughout the world outside of the United States.   Yet within the United States,  the stresses of multilevel caregiving can seem a daunting challenge.
As we move within the different roles of our lives during the day, we may tend to focus on others mindfully.

Massage Therapy Programs

Ridge Career Center still has openings for January 29, 2015 class.  There will not be another class offered until October 2015.  Ridge Career Center is a Polk County Florida public school.  The Theraputic MassageProgram began in 1993 and is the second oldest public school massage program in Florida.
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